How To Stay Updated

    Most of our store information regarding specials, new shipments, updates, etc. are posted on Facebook. That is our key platform to interact with customers. Another way is through our app on smart phones. The best part of the app is that we have a rewards program for returning customers. Make sure to check it out on your smart phone store, search Xzotic Aquatic World.

How We Got Started

    Xzotic Aquatic World began in 2012 when we bought the assets of a pre-existing wholesale aquatic company.  We began as a wholesale company before venturing off into the retail world and moving through several locations.  The owner has been a hobbyist for over 25 years now and turned his hobby into an extreme.  Xzotic Aquatic World is dedicated to keeping the hobby fun, because that is what it is all about. 
    At our new location, we are dedicated to quality over quantity and focus on the health of our live stock.  We go through an in-depth quarantine process for all of our fish including therapeutic baths, medicated food, etc.  For corals and invertebrates, we vaccinate everything that comes in with close examination and baths as well. 
    Feel free to contact us through email, Facebook, phone or stop by in person! We are happy to help in any way.